Did you know?

According to Statistics Canada, almost three quarters of Canadians believe they use 60 liters of water for their personal daily use and even more if you water your garden (read some tips on water conservation). The reality is that we use almost 6 times that, with the average Canadian consuming 328 liters per day! Canadians are among the highest water users in the world – second only to the United States.

The goal of ActionH20 is reduce Canadians’ water use by mobilising grassroots groups working on water issues across the country to promote new conservation- and efficiency-based approaches to water management that are adopted by local governments. This bottom-up effort has huge potential to change how water is managed across the whole country! It’s time for ActionH20.


Sierra Club Canada and the POLIS Water Sustainability Project launched ActionH20 on World Water Day, March 22nd, 2010. This multiyear community-based water conservation project aims to “save litres” by “cultivating water leaders” in communities and local governments across Canada through a focused outreach and engagement campaign.
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