ActionH2O Resources

Joining the ActionH2O campaign gives you access to the larger network of community members and municipal officials that share your concern for water efficiency and conservation so you can discuss campaign ideas, local issues, and share your community’s progress. Working for a cause is always more enjoyable knowing you’re not alone, and you have support from many others across the country!

POLIS WaterSmart Toolkit

Based on seven years of POLIS Water Sustainability Project practice and research, the WaterSmart Toolkit offers practical resources for community water conservation.

*Thinking Beyond Pipes and Pumps: Top Ten Ways to Save Water and Money

Developed by the POLIS Water Sustainability Project this handbook is the designed to inform local government staff and elected leader about the suite of water conservation and efficiency actions to reduce community water use.

* Water Conservation Planning Quick Guide

Highlights some of the leading available resources for local governments that support effective water conservation planning including planning manuals and case studies.

* Sustainable Gardening  –

Dirtmamas presents you useful information on green gardening and garden protection from wild animals. Using new gardening technologies like hydroponic to safe water and grow organic pesticide free vegetables and fruits.

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