What is ActionH20?

ActionH20 seeks to harness a grassroots collective effort to develop new conservation and efficiency-based approaches to water management that are adopted by local governments. This bottom-up effort has huge potential to change how water is managed across the whole country!

The goal of ActionH20 is to work with 20 cities and towns across Canada over the next year and a half to identify locally relevant solutions and opportunities for action on water conservation. Using “How To” handbooks, a Water Sustainability Charter Toolkit, and a unique visual-based resource that outlines the full application of best water practices called “Canada’s Bluest City”, together with the ingenuity of grassroots groups across the country, ActionH20 will bring a comprehensive suite of water conservation planning and action resources to the doors of Canadian communities.

The Power of Grassroots Communities

ActionH20 aims to leverage community activism to raise bar for water conservation and efficiency in communities across Canada. This unprecedented collective action will set the bar higher as today’s innovations become tomorrow’s standards. ActionH20 has developed special resources for community groups working on water issues across Canada. Check them out here.

Engaging Local Governments

Many local governments are aware of the importance of conserving water, but simply don’t know where to begin addressing the issue. The ActionH2O campaign is designed to provide tools for getting started, including example initiatives, potential policies, and model by-laws. Work on these resources will be ongoing, since we hope to work as closely with municipalities as possible.
Is your municipality interested in being water smart? Let us know.

Have other questions? Check the FAQ.


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